The impact of war on Sudbury -

a Suffolk Market Town

Researched and written by Valerie Herbert and Shirley Smith was launched in October 2009.


It tells how the town and neighbourhood fought at home and on the battlegrounds in two World Wars, and counts the human and economic cost from the fate of the men who went to war in 1914 to beyond VE Day in 1945. Foreword by Ronald Blythe


A4 format with a glossy cover

248 pages and 240 illustrations

Lists Sudbury’s 300 war dead

And 200+ members of USAAF 486th Bomb Group


All proceeds to Sudbury Royal British Legion and Sudbury Museum Trust



Independent bookshops in and around Sudbury,

Sudbury Waitrose and

Sudbury Tourist Information Centre

By post to UK addresses 01787 881320

Online from



‘A real page turner …an intensely glorious read.’


                                           Lord Phillips of Sudbury


‘A lively read peppered with hundreds of photographs and illustrations of Sudbury and its people. Works well as a cover-to-cover read or as a source of treasures and snippets to dip into.’


                                                          Marcia Davis

                                                 Suffolk Free Press




‘This compelling history will have such wide appeal: to those who lived through the Second World War; to the thousands who count the Great War as a vital part of their family histories; to teachers and schoolchildren embarking on a first study of the 20th Century's great conflagrations. The authors skilfully weave together the everyday events in a Suffolk market town with the great historical forces and events sweeping the globe.'


                                                       Mark Crossley

        West Suffolk Editor, East Anglian Daily Times



‘There is a great deal here to interest those with a passion for military history and the casual reader alike.’


                                                     Taff Gillingham

               Friends of the Suffolk Regiment Gazette

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