BRUNDON - The enigma

in Sudbury's shadow

The story of this tiny rural hamlet just across the river from Sudbury. Written by David Burnett. A4 format with glossy cover. 33 pages  with map and illustrations. £5  Available from Kestrel Bookshop, Sudbury Tourist  Information Centre and Waitrose as well as Landers Bookshop, Long Melford.

Also online from

Brundon Cover

Somewhere in the fields between Sudbury and Borley lies the heart of an intriguing mystery.. a village which has vanished without trace.


The lost village of Brundon disappeared so long ago most people have no idea it existed. But once, it had dozens of homes, its own church, and a thriving community of around 100 people.

Its name lives on in Brundon Hall and Mill which, along with a few cottages, still survive.


The main village was probably further along a track known as the Driftway but its exact location is unknown.


Centuries of ploughing and Crop-growing have wiped it from the landscape so completely that only the odd scatter of pottery gives a clue to where it might have been. And all that remains of its inhabitants are the fragments of bone which occasionally surface from what used to be the graveyard. But Brundon's ghostly presence has surfaced again in a new book by historian David Burnett.

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